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:iconxmidori-stars: was here~ :heart:
i love u babe~
//just wait till he notices~
i love u hunny! :heart:
dun freak out >w>~
Family ^^


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Speed The Hedgehog
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United States
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at first i didn't really think she liked me at all. over time i realized she was pretty cool i really like how kind she is she was always nice to me and kept me up when i was down. one day she told me she liked me and i was shocked cause i almost stopped dating period. ever since then we've talked all day and sometimes all night. on DA we've talked to each other a lot. i cant count the number xD then we began talking on skype and we talk all day. she's everything i ask for in a girl she's my other half, my love i hope i get to stay with her forever x3 :heart:
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: 03/23/2013 :heart::bulletyellow::bulletblue:


Speed Demon: OAO
Sparky-chan: QAQ
Speed Demon: /(OAO)/
Sparky-chan: ...Q-Q
Speed Demon: -hugs-
Sparky-chan: QVQ
Speed Demon: OvO -wipes ur tears-
Sparky-chan: ...QQVQQ

KAWAII DESUYO!!! ill die later...(づ-v-)"づ ~:heart:

Name: Speed Mikage

Spiecies: Hedgehog

Age: 17

Birthday: February 14

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Fur color: Blue & Light Blue (alot of people tells me its rare)

# of spikes: 15(counting 2 on his back just don't see it when he wears a shirt)
Secrets on spikes- they tend to separate ln strands like hair like when wind blows on it)

Status: MARRIED Taken By Chelsea Mikage

Family: Tony(step-daughter), Hinata And Saeko(Twins), Flash(Brother), Faith(sister), Sora(cousin), Alister(bro in law), Tyrael(bro in law) Arcane(Dad in law), Jasmine(Mom in law)

Friends: Sibaru speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… , Leone speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… , Karin speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… , Geo speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… Jessica, Ayako, Jamie, Shane, Faust, Megaman, Dream… , Sage , Night night-the-panthercat.deviantar… , Cici…, Night… , Pyro the Cat… keno , Jenna xxjennathehedgiexx.deviantart.…
(willin to add more just ask)

Likes: staying clean (takes baths everyday) Music, Parties, Dancing, Fun, Training, Extreme Sports, Happy people, Running, Challenges, Fighting Strong opponents, Showing off, and Chili fries

Dislikes: Evil, Losing, When friends are threatened, and Giant Spiders

Tuned Holy Knight's Sword(Main)
Chain Scythes(Secondary) speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Dragon Blade
Devil Axe
Lunar Staff

Chakra Control
Soul Energy
Chaos Energy
Fire speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Lightning speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Water/ice speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Enchanted Mode speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… or speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Curse Mark speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Visual Jutsu-Blue Star Sight speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Hollow speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Devil Trigger1(when angry) -coming soon-
Devil Trigger Full-coming soon-
Beserk(When anger is at peak) -coming soon
Bankai(with Secondary weapon) -coming soon-

Personality: Fearless, Competitive, Joyful(with Friends), Reckless, Overconfident(sometimes), Forgiving, Caring, Always do favors for people if it has a good influence on others.

Him introducing himself:
Heheh...I'm Speed, Speed Mikage Hedgehog, The Hedgehogs who's Faster than the speed of light (points to self with thumb)

Signature Phrases
Beginning of Fights1: Alright Bring It On!!! (confident)
Beginning of Fights2: Ohh you In some Serious trouble Now. (irritated)
Beginning of Fights3: You Can't Stack Up On Me (Mad)
Beginning of Fights4: ...*gets in fight stance* (Mad)
Beginning of Fights5: you might not last long.

Taunt1: Ready when you are...*stairs*
Taunt2: too easy...(stretches legs and backflips then puts thumbs up)
Taunt3: ...(tosses his Emerald)

Win1: Is that all you Got???
Win2: Time to take notice, U got no skills
Win3: Bow Down To The Champ Chump
Win4: who Got Next Man, Im Just Gettin' Started
Win5: Nice Try But Not Enough

Loss1: Shoot...I Failed
Loss2: Noooo!!!

Weakened(Awakening State): Not yet!
Weak(Awaken wears off): Im Not Feelin' So Hot...

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