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xMidori-Stars sayyyys:

In other words I went into my BFs account uvu
Since I'm here I'll leave a lil message uvu
Sorry I Haxed uvu
I just love u very much >v<
I love u more than I haver have anyone else u//v//u
I love u forever and ever and ever and ever and everandeverandeverandeverandeverandever
And it includes the repeating sign, mathematical terms
But I love u uvu
And I claimed u! >:U
Back off WOMANS! ÒAÓ -grips- he's rightfully mind >:3
But sorry for making less space uvu;;;

Love u dear!
-Chelsea :heart:


Lol i was here again so <3

i love chu bby no matter what~
ur everything ive always wanted...
ur everything i need...

ur apart of my world, and no one else can replace u...
we always talk on skype like we dont give a damn...
we get mad at each other and yell...
we get sad and try to make things better...
all of those bad times i still wanna stick with u...

even tho we are miles and miles away from our future, we can still make it through...
we both hate god from putting a wall in between us...
but ill try to break away from that even if it kills us both...

i love u so much ramone..
u mean so much to me...
but... i still cant believe u said yes to me....

but u changed my life in so many ways...
i love u for ever... and always...
no matter what shit we both go through... :heart:

-Chelsea ( xMidori-Stars )

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deviation in storage by Ariveil



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Speed The Hedgehog
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United States
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at first i didn't really think she liked me at all. over time i realized she was pretty cool i really like how kind she is she was always nice to me and kept me up when i was down. one day she told me she liked me and i was shocked cause i almost stopped dating period. ever since then we've talked all day and sometimes all night. on DA we've talked to each other a lot. i cant count the number xD then we began talking on skype and we talk all day. she's everything i ask for in a girl she's my other half, my love i hope i get to stay with her forever x3 :heart:
:bulletblue::bulletyellow: 03/23/2013 :heart::bulletyellow::bulletblue:


Speed Demon: OAO
Sparky-chan: QAQ
Speed Demon: /(OAO)/
Sparky-chan: ...Q-Q
Speed Demon: -hugs-
Sparky-chan: QVQ
Speed Demon: OvO -wipes ur tears-
Sparky-chan: ...QQVQQ

KAWAII DESUYO!!! ill die later...(づ-v-)"づ ~:heart:

Name: Speed Mikage

Spiecies: Hedgehog

Age: 17

Birthday: February 14

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Fur color: Blue & Light Blue (alot of people tells me its rare)

# of spikes: 15(counting 2 on his back just don't see it when he wears a shirt)
Secrets on spikes- they tend to separate ln strands like hair like when wind blows on it)

Status: MARRIED Taken By Chelsea Mikage

Family: Tony(step-daughter), Hinata And Saeko(Twins), Flash(Brother), Faith(sister), Sora(cousin), Alister(bro in law), Tyrael(bro in law) Arcane(Dad in law), Jasmine(Mom in law)

Friends: Sibaru speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… , Leone speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… , Karin speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… , Geo speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… Jessica, Ayako, Jamie, Shane, Faust, Megaman, Dream… , Sage , Night night-the-panthercat.deviantar… , Cici…, Night… , Pyro the Cat… keno , Jenna xxjennathehedgiexx.deviantart.…
(willin to add more just ask)

Likes: staying clean (takes baths everyday) Music, Parties, Dancing, Fun, Training, Extreme Sports, Happy people, Running, Challenges, Fighting Strong opponents, Showing off, and Chili fries

Dislikes: Evil, Losing, When friends are threatened, and Giant Spiders

Tuned Holy Knight's Sword(Main)
Chain Scythes(Secondary) speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Dragon Blade
Devil Axe
Lunar Staff

Chakra Control
Soul Energy
Chaos Energy
Fire speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Lightning speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Water/ice speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Enchanted Mode speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… or speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Curse Mark speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart… speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Visual Jutsu-Blue Star Sight speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Hollow speed-the--hedgehog.deviantart…
Devil Trigger1(when angry) -coming soon-
Devil Trigger Full-coming soon-
Beserk(When anger is at peak) -coming soon
Bankai(with Secondary weapon) -coming soon-

Personality: Fearless, Competitive, Joyful(with Friends), Reckless, Overconfident(sometimes), Forgiving, Caring, Always do favors for people if it has a good influence on others.

Him introducing himself:
Heheh...I'm Speed, Speed Mikage Hedgehog, The Hedgehogs who's Faster than the speed of light (points to self with thumb)

Signature Phrases
Beginning of Fights1: Alright Bring It On!!! (confident)
Beginning of Fights2: Ohh you In some Serious trouble Now. (irritated)
Beginning of Fights3: You Can't Stack Up On Me (Mad)
Beginning of Fights4: ...*gets in fight stance* (Mad)
Beginning of Fights5: you might not last long.

Taunt1: Ready when you are...*stairs*
Taunt2: too easy...(stretches legs and backflips then puts thumbs up)
Taunt3: ...(tosses his Emerald)

Win1: Is that all you Got???
Win2: Time to take notice, U got no skills
Win3: Bow Down To The Champ Chump
Win4: who Got Next Man, Im Just Gettin' Started
Win5: Nice Try But Not Enough

Loss1: Shoot...I Failed
Loss2: Noooo!!!

Weakened(Awakening State): Not yet!
Weak(Awaken wears off): Im Not Feelin' So Hot...


Fairy Tail Art
187 deviations
I love you!! by Speed-Mikage
I love you!!
a pic of my lady~
shh dont tell her
but isnt she kawaii?? :iconomgsocuteplz:

photo by me 
Speed Revamp Sprites(update) nearly done by Speed-Mikage
Speed Revamp Sprites(update) nearly done
here it is so far its getting there x3

more punching
new specials
Swords, Guns, and Staffs
starting on weapon melee attacks
new taunt
slushie drink wile walking

so much I did x3

Edit 2) 
im trolling u guys XDDDDDDDD

Edit 3) heres the secrets revealed xD

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