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Me Myself And I xD

Yes He Has A Wife Online, Problem? <3



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Speed Mikage Hedgehog

Speed Fan photoSpeedFan_zps967c7297.png

:bulletblue:NAME: Speed Star Mikage (スピードスター御影)

:bulletblue:NICKNAMES: Speedy, Speedy Demon, Speed-Sama, Speed?Star, Blue?Star.

:bulletblue:AGE: 21 (18 originally)

:bulletblue:SPECIES: Hedgehog

:bulletblue:GENDER: Male

:bulletblue:SEXUALITY: Straight

:bulletblue:POWERS: Demon/Angel, Fire, Lightning, Super Speed, Chi.

:bulletblue:FIGHTING STYLE: Street Fighting, Kick Boxing, Tijutsu.

:bulletblue:WEAPON(S) : 2 Longswords, Kusarigama(Chained Scythes), Staff, Battle Axe.

:bulletblue:LOVE STATUS: Married to Chelsea (xWindsWaker)

:bulletblue:D.O.B: February 14

:bulletblue:SPIRIT: Amal of Wishes(

:bulletblue:TEAM: :bulletblue:Speed,:bulletyellow:Chelsea,:bulletred:Genja.

:bulletblue:PERSONALITY: Serious, Mean (sometimes), Idiotic, Adventurous, Gentle to some, Helpful, Humorous, Creative.


Strength: 8/10

Flexibility: 9/10

Speed: 10/10

Flight: 3/10

:bulletblue:OCCUPATION: Assasin, Music Artist, Piano/Guitar, Dad, Hero, Chef at a Cafe (Same place as Chelsea).

:bulletblue:FAMILY/FRIENDS: Chelsea(Wife, Teammmate, childhood friend), Tony (Daughter), Saeko
(Daughter), Hinata (Son, Twin of Saeko), Andrea (Sister in Law), Nathan
(Brother in Law), James (Dad in Law/Enemy, Dead.), Lilith (Mom in Law, Dead.),Genja (Rival, Teammate),
Fairy (Best Friend), Flash (Brother), Faith (Sister), Speeds Parents, Ray (Friend) kyrie(childhood friend)

:bulletblue:LIKES: Blue Slushies, Friends, Chelsea, Cooking, Sparring, Training, Running, Helping people, Music, Snowboarding, Family, Apples, Ice Cream, Singing.

:bulletblue:DISLIKES: Spiders, Being alone (50/50), Jerks, Cowards, Ignorance, Foolishness, Insults, Family getting hurt.

:bulletblue:BEST AT: Cooking, Good with telling peoples Feelings, Solving Problems,

:bulletblue:HISTORY (BRIEF): Raised by his sister Faith, He was the second born in his family of three. In his hometown he was the son of a hero but was never treated as such. He was often bullied by the fellow children in his village. One day a girl called Kyrie came to his rescue a very scrappy little girl she was. But she never helped much. she was also being treated the same, she was an outsider and wasn't at he village all the time.. He then met one more girl in a flower field. Chelsea was her name. she was different; she quickly became friends with speed. And she protected him.
Meanwhile he stood as they protected him he became more discouraged about being a burden

One day he caught word of a girl running away to a dangerous forest and he set out to help her. But he was preyed on by a giant spider. As he was getting the life sucked out of him he was saved by Chelsea.

then he pledged to get stronger so she wouldn’t put herself in danger He was trained by an old assassin he met during a festival and left for one year Shedding away his helpless past self he became an assassin in training learning to harness a hidden power locked away inside him.
But he returned to a sad event where Chelsea had to leave. leaving behind nothing but a yellow necklace. she was from the future and she had to return. But that wasn't the end of his sorrow. a while after, his 2nd friend Kyrie Was killed right before his eyes by demons. The Traumatic Stress Sent him on a Rampage and he unleashed his lightning. at the same event his home was also eventually destroyed by the repeated demon attacks. after that the severe tool on his mind threw out those memories and he forgot about his childhood. even when he forgot he still felt an immense hatred towards demons. as time went on the young boy he was had disappeared entirely. the only thing he remembered was a yellow necklace he wore.

on a fateful night A woman was in danger demons was chasing her through the forest. And he saved her. little did he know it was someone from his past. it was Chelsea. she couldn't recognize him because by then, he had the expression of a killer and nothing more. she noticed the necklace he wore, the necklace she left behind. Chelsea Feeling the need to connect with the Speed She remembered. She eventually made him remember her by bringing him back to the place they met. the flower field. all the emotions he had locked away burst out of him like blooming flowers. and ever since then hes been with her.

:bulletblue:THEME (--):
Main 1: back on: flyaway…
Main 2 (Happy) : Back on: Departure…
Main 3 (Fight) : Soul eater Lycaon: lyacon soul eater…
Main 3-2 (Last Stand): Back on: Strike Back!…
Main 4 (lightning mode) TBA
Main 5 (Fire Mode) Crisis City Whirlwind…
Main 6 (Rage: Devil Form) Kingdom Hearts Music - Night Of Fate…

My Faves :3


Speed Fan photoSpeedFan_zps967c7297.png

Keno Fan photo KenoFan_zpsaf0b7270.png
Kyoko Fan photo KyokoFan_zpsf60ac30d.png


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bruh...ALL DIS SWAG ON MY PAGE!!!!!! 

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